I’m taking a guilty break from my GP exam study, so it’s a brief blog from me this time.  How do you recognise a Gen-Y doctor? Let me tell you, as I sip my fair-trade chai latte and touch-type on my MacBook Air:

1.  You’ve actually used the word ‘chillax’ in a consultation.

2.  You’d like to save the world – but only if you can do it part-time. How else will you manage your eco-solar-chookshed and your sustainable-organic-vegetable patch?

3.  You play Words With Friends, not Sudoku, while you’re anaesthetising patients.

4.  The administration staff are amazed you can plug in a LAN cable. Or fix the printer. Or touch-type. Or, heaven forbid, SEND A FAX YOURSELF!

5.  You’re planning a Locum Odyssey that entails surfing/working around the country for a few years. YOLO!  (Also, you know what YOLO means.)

6.  You’re not going to hang your diploma on your clinic wall. You’re going to hang photos you took on your DSLR of your hot-air-ballooning adventure over Myanmar, or your trek through the remote Nicaraguan jungle, or your windsurfing tour of the Maldives…

7.  You consult the Twittersphere, not the library, to find out about the most up-to-date medical research.

8.  You’re considering early retirement after 3 years of full-time employment.

9.  You’ve never seen a case of Smallpox. Or Polio. Or TB, Measles, Diptheria, Tetanus… or pretty much any vaccine-preventable disease. (Unless you live in Northern NSW, that is.)

10.  If the Internet shut down, you might not remember how to be a doctor.  See, you haven’t bought textbooks, because they go out of date before they hit the shelves these days. (Scary thought, that one…)

That’s all for now. Back to the books… Or should I say, back to my online subscriptions, FOAMed and RACGP website tutorials?